About Illegal Substance:

The retro-electro group Illegal Substance is a collaboration of childhood friends P-Nut, and Wren, aka Captain Handsome.  From the start, the concept for creation was simple, don’t set genre or musical boundaries. They combined addicting elements of electronica, hip hop, 70’s rock, retro 80’s synth pop, and anything else they could get their hands on. With a plethora of influences, and an alacrity to stand out, Illegal Substance has branded their own form of unique. The group’s maiden voyage was the self-titled album Illegal Substance, released under Moonshine Music in 2003. It featured the heavy electronic driven “Step to the Floor” and “Microphone Check”. With Punny Rico as their new label, Illegal followed up in 2007 with a full length album entitled Bachelor Party.  It featured the anthem “Panty Raid”, and the unforgettable bass groove of “Banana Song”.  The B-Side Bonanza was released in 2008 as a collection of popular remixes, instrumentals, and a few originals. With a return in 2010, Illegal Substance released the pop synth single “Strip Tease” which was followed by the politically charged “Neutrality” in 2012. 2014 has brought the  electro-disco single “Neon Light”, which has a guest appearance by talkbox specialist Lloyd Popp. Illegal’s full length album is due out in late 2014.

Illegal Substance News

Neon Light

Neon Light is now complete, and a special thanks goes out to Danny Saber for mixing the track, Lloyd Popp for the dope talkbox, Ralph Patlann for the guitar work, and Gene at Oasis for the mastering work.

Full length album in the works

Back in the studio, and finally making serious ground on a full length album. The new single Neon Light is in mastering, and we're that much closer.

Berlin Tag & Nacht

Our song Strip Tease was used in Germany’s popular reality TV show Berlin Tag & Nacht (ep 488). Check it out.